The Following people are in need of our prayers.  Please spend a few moments to bring their needs before our Lord.  He is ever waiting the opportunity to move and our humble petition may be all that is needed for Him to work in these peoples behalf.


  Bob Helmick - Still a little sore from  accident. 
  Tommy Hensley - brother of Janet Pleasants.
  Dolly Foster - Chemo treatments.
  Shelby McElroy - Health Concerns. 
  T. Hirabayashi - Joan Reichard's father -
  Jody & Robbie Rowlett - Gilmore friends -
  Lisa Lore - Kelly Gilmore's cousin -  
  Barbara Hamilton - .
  Kevin Prosser - Friend of Bill Bromme. 
  Andy and Joseph Hale - Family request.
  Louise Wolfry - Elderly member in nursing home. 
  Anna Smith & family
  Our Pathfinders, Prayer Warrieors & Discover Bible School students. 
  Soldiers in Iraq . 

= Health Issues
= Spiritiual Concerns
= Needs encouragement
= Needs a friendly call
= Suffering loss